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Happy Birthday Zhou Mi!

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Happy Birthday Zhou Mi!

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Full sub: I have a thing for Zhou Mi on When Love Walked In. I cheered for him so much, I was squealing at my computer screen.

Happy Birthday Zhou Mi!

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Happy Birthday Zhou Mi!

I have a thing for Zhou Mi!

C’mon. Send your love here. :)

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Happy Birthday!

Keep smiling and shining brightly our Gentleman Mimi!  Mitangs and ELFs will wait besides you when you make us all proud. <3

Happy birthday Zhou Mi!

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Is to celebrate Gentleman Mimi’s birthday!!! 

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  • the birthday boy.
  • and super junior.

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/throw balloons/

Lolol I panicked because I thought I forgot to be on anonymous, since you guys correctly replied with Kyuhyun gifs. (Kyuhyun biased here). --The anon who suggested gif of the day.
— Anonymous

(quickly Admin Danique here) Lol, no reason to panic! It’s just that I am mega Kyuhyun biased as well! ;)

Love, xx Admin Danique

Admin Danique off to dream land!

Sorry for the rushy finish of the HSIETS, but it’s already 12.30 here! :0

There’s only one submission needed!

Show Shindongie some love!

Goodnight guys!

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04/14/2014 | Final | How Should I End This Story?

"Sungmin-ah!" You squealed as you opened your front door. "Correct on time, as always!" You flashed a big smile, similar to Hukjaes, which made Sungmin giggle. "You’re quite excited for that exam, aren’t you?" Your smile immediately faded, "Not really" you answered grumpily. "I was having the best dream, but my alarm end Hyukkie decided to ruin it." "What was your dream about then?" You sighed deeply trying to recall your dream. "I was lying in a field and it was gorgeous, I had no worries whatsoever and I was so relaxed!" You sighed, stretching your arms. "Was I in your dream as well?" Sungmin asked cheekily. "Now you were not!" you gasped, "Maybe if I try hard enough, I will dream the same, but I’ll dream you in it!" you laughed and nudged Sungmin off the sidewalk.

As you were nearing the school you started to get anxious. The exam was only 15 minutes away and you had to ace this one. Sungmin noticed you were getting more quiet. “___-ah, you alright?” You merely grunted for an answer. “Sungmin walked ahead of you and stopped you by putting his hands on your shoulders. “Hey, ____-ie. Listen to me. You’re gonna walk in there, chin up, chest forward and full of confidence and you’re going to get everything right on that exam!” You sighed. It was sweet of him to try to lift you up like that, but I didn’t feel like working today. Suddenly Sungmin leaned in closer with his mouth near your ear. “If you get a good feeling of this, I’ll treat you ice cream.” He smirked. It worked. Your spirits started to lift up immediately. “My favourite?” You smiled hopefully? “Yes, your favourite, but only if you’re going to show that exam what you’re made of! Now go!” He pushed you into the classroom, onto your chair. He took the seat beside you and gave you two thumbs up. “Thanks, you’re the best” You mouthed to him quietly since the teacher was already handing out the papers. Sungmin only smiled widely and gave a little wink.

You started on the test with a good feeling and it never left. You were wondering how it came you were so lucky to find a best friend like that to always cheer you up. And treat you to ice creams, I mean come on. What friend doesn’t treat on ice creams?

The end. :D

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