Admin Yumi Signing Off…

Hope you guys enjoyed the first subunit day! 

Please send your love for these members: 

Good Night/Day ELFs! See you on Sunday! 

Submitted by: Admin Yumi

Full Submission: IHATF Shindong’s words to ELFs regarding his enlistment.

Submitted by: Admin Yumi

Submitted by: Admin Danique

Submitted by: 

Full submission: IHATF Heechul in the drama version of MAMACITA! Such a good actor

Submitted by: 

Submitted by: Anon

Subunit Day!

Hey ELFs! Welcome to the first Subunit Day! 

Since we don’t have enough submissions for all the members, I’ll just post some of the submissions for selected members in the subunit. 

Today’s subunit is Super Junior T! 

Please look forward to the submissions of our elders (jking) and pleasesubmit for the other members. 

«Admin Yumi»

Admin Yumi Signing On…

Since we don’t have all the submissions for all the members, I’m going to try something new that Admin Danique and I have been discussing. 

Please look forward to it! 

Needed Submissions:
  • Hangeng
  • Yesung
  • Sungmin
  • Shindong
  • Siwon
  • Zhou Mi
  • Kibum
  • Henry
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