This is where all of you send in the things you like about the Super
Junior members.

All you have to do is finish this sentence:
“I Have A Thing For…”

For example:
I Have A Thing For Donghae’s smile.
I Have A Thing For Super Junior’s Rock Star.
I Have A Thing For Zhou Mi’s eyes.

Please only submit one submission per message. This is to help us keep the inbox organized and, therefore, to supply you with posts.

Attach a picture/gif/video that you want to be posted with your submission and we will use it.

Please check the taglist page to see if your submission has been submitted before. If it has, you will not be notified.

If you would like your submission posted as submitted by: anonymous, please say so.

Disclaimer: All pictures/gifs/videos used anywhere on this blog ARE NOT OURS. If you see something of yours and want to be credited please message us and we will credit you.
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